Women's Health Psychology

My therapeutic practice and interest is fundamentally interested in and focussed upon the developmental, reproductive, and sociocultural contexts of health decision-making and behaviour for women.

Topics that I cover include:

  • Reproductive Health including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, the stress of infertility and neonatal loss, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, pregnancy, birth and perinatal and neonatal issues and difficulties.

  • Peri menopause and menopause including mood changes, anxiety, menopausal migraine, sleep issues, changing body shape, loss of libido and fatigue.

  • Disability and Chronic Conditions: women's responses to disability, the experience of cancer, family history of breast cancer and decision making around preventative mastectomy, the psychology of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and chronic fatigue as well as long term health conditions such as MS and chronic pain.

Within the NHS, I have worked with a wide variety of patient groups

— Including 7 years working within a clinical health psychology setting, seeing clients with chronic pain, disability and illness.

I set up the first group intervention for patients experiencing chronic pain in Haringey and have experience of working with other chronic health issues and cancer. In the field of women's health I have knowledge and experience of working with women struggling with gynaecological issues, fertility, women's cancers, PMS, PCOS and peri menopause/menopause.

Within my private practice, I see women with a wide range of presenting concerns. I have a warm and interactive style and many of my female clients come back to me at various times, when new life events necessitate the need for further support. I encourage this level of flexibility and believe that a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship can be the foundation for ongoing and life enhancing change.

I am a registered provider of psychological services for many insurance companies such as Bupa, Aviva, PPP/AXA, Pru Health and Cigna.

Get in touch

You can refer yourself for therapy by contacting me directly by email to arrange an initial consultation appointment. Contacting me by email is the fastest way to make contact and I encourage this form of communication as I check emails on a daily basis and will get back to you quickly.

Alternatively, you can leave a message on my 24 hour answer machine service (07903 370122) if you do not have access to email. Please note however that I am not able to offer call backs as all the information you could need about my practice is available on my web pages. You can also be referred by your GP or another health care professional.

During the initial consultation appointment you and I will discuss your difficulties so that I can get an understanding of what is going on for you. This will also be an opportunity for you to talk about what your expectations are for therapy. Generally, this will take one session. At the end of this initial consultation it may be that I think a different therapist with a different expertise, or a different organisation, might be more suitable to help you with your needs in which case I will discuss this with you further. If we agree that it would be helpful to work together then we will discuss arrangements for ongoing sessions.